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About Solid Source

Hello, come and meet the team! We’re a group of highly qualified real estate professionals who are eager to show off our knowledge of the Cobb County and metro Atlanta real estate market. We’re trained to provide you with the very best service – and that’s saying a lot. Our company is organized and efficient in all facets of residential real estate.  Whether you are buying, selling, or investing in north Georgia real estate, working with us will ensure a smooth and comfortable transaction.

BuyHawkeye.comWhy BuyHawkeye.com as a name?  Well, the founding member and the guy that runs this website is a retired Naval Aviator who got stuck piloting the mighty, all weather (not really), all attack (no weapons), Northrop-Grumman E-2C “Hawkeye.”

Anyway, over several beers we decided that a sign saying “You just purchased another home BuyHawkeye.com” would be catchy.  Turns out they pay us for our flying skills and not our creativity.  Regardless, the name stuck.  To everyone’s relief that sign was never made.

BuyHawkeye.com was not the beginning.  We have been involved in real estate since the start of 1992.  Back then, we were Phillips & Kessler Real Properties Corp.  Oddly enough, everyone disliked that name even more intensely than BuyHawkeye.com.  From the start, it was an investment company that bought and sold multi-unit rental properties.  Things haven’t changed all that much since, we just expanded our services.

Managing real estate isn’t all that hard while working a full time career in the military.  It only became difficult when we deployed for months on end… turns out, we deployed for months on end a lot.  You really haven’t experienced the stress of property management until you attempt to refinance an investment property while floating in the middle of the deep blue sea.  Thankfully, those days are in the past.

Eventually the latter half of the company took orders to another country and has been there ever since; retired and all.  As a result we have the company we have today.  It is a culmination of years of experience in various forms of residential real estate located in Marietta, Georgia.

It’s me, David Phillips, that holds the real estate license and the Realtor designation with my excellent Brokers at Solid Source Realty.  As a result, I frequently work as an agent for clients looking to buy or sell their homes.  Because of my technical background, real estate contracts and negotiations are a strong suite.  I used to make foul-weather night landings on an aircraft carrier in the middle of the ocean; contract negotiations to buy or sell a house do not make me nervous.  And it shouldn’t with you, either.  Let me help.

We’re glad you’ve taken an interest in our services, and we look forward to creating another happy client! Please contact us at your convenience.

Some words that describe us:

  • Knowledgeable
  • Professional
  • Enthusiastic
  • Dynamic
  • Friendly
  • Savvy
  • Fun! — Yes, Fun.  Life is too short not to have fun.

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