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Cobb County Schools Information

The second largest school system in the state, the Cobb County School District is home to some of the best schools in Georgia and the entire nation.

Cobb students score above the national average for the norm-referenced tests.  In 2006, 4,985 (78 percent) of 6,407 Cobb seniors took the newly reformatted Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), achieving a combined average score of 1538, while the national combined average score was 1518, and the state average score was 1477.

Not only are Walton, Pope, Lassiter, and Harrison High Schools the four top public schools in Cobb, they also rank in the top 25 schools in Georgia and are in the top 5% of the nation.

For more information on the Cobb County School system, maps of the school districts, curriculum (and a whole lot more!), visit: http://www.cobb.k12.ga.us/index.htm.  This site is very well organized and is a tremendous tool in helping you decide where to look for your next home.

As with many things, there are several different reports that measure different metrics of our school system.  Check out this report of the Georgia public school system.

Please contact us if you would like to check if a home is located in the Cobb County school district of your choice.  If you like, you can email us the name of the school and receive a report of all the homes available for sale in that school district.  Alternatively, you can also search for homes for sale by school district in Cobb County.

The Georgia Hope Scholarship

Are your children already in a Georgia school?  Here is a website well worth your attention, Georgia Hope Scholarship.  Take a look around and read up on the qualifications.  Basically, thanks to the Georgia Lottery (our voluntary tax system), your student may be eligible for a free college education.  Now when people complain about playing the Georgia lottery and not winning, you can respond by saying you never play the Georgia lottery and you totally won!

The Georgia 529 College Savings Plan

Georgia has established a 529 college savings plan for the student in your family.  The 529 plan is one of the best deals in college education savings and is well worth the time it takes to investigate all the potential it holds for you and your family.  Visit the path2college 529 plan, the official Georgia 529 plan.

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