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Why We Charge A Rental Application Fee?

First off, thank you for taking an interest in our services.

Understand that we are Realtors and that we work off of commission. Typically, we work with Buyers and Sellers and earn our commission from the Seller. That is how we earn a living. The rental market is very different from the buying and selling side of real estate. Just like you, our time and services are worth money. Keeping that in mind, we are fully aware that renters can and often do become Buyers. As a result, our fees for working with renters are actually VERY low.

We charge an application fee to ensure that a) the renter is serious about working with our company and b) the renter is qualified to rent. In order to qualify, we will be pulling credit on the applicant as well as conducting a limited background check. We then pair the potential tenant with the landlord and provide all the contracts and background information to prove that the applicant is well qualified.

This process benefits the applicant tremendously if there is competition for the same dwelling. Basically, who do you think the landlord is going to select? The well qualified and represented applicant or the drive-by person with no supporting information? The choice is pretty obvious.

Concerned about your credit report? Consider this.

People rent, rather than buy, for many reasons. One of the most common reasons is poor credit. Landlords see it all the time. In fact, most are expecting to see some bumps on the report! All is not lost. Unless you have a problem paying rent on time you should be in fine shape. Your credit is going to reflect all of your issues. Don’t be ashamed to talk about them. It happens to a lot of people. Typically, the landlord isn’t going to care if you paid all of your medical or phone bills. When it comes to finances, they just care that you pay your rent on time.


It is pretty easy to spot a legitimate reference. That is why we ask for them. After collecting rent on time, the landlord is next going to be concerned about the condition of the property while it is in the tenants’ care. Normal wear and tear are expected. Willful destruction of private property is another matter all together. You get the point.

Complete Rental Application

Please ensure that all spaces filled out. They are there for a reason. If you have privacy concerns about your information, please ask them before proceeding any further. Applications or fees will not be returned for any reason.

Good News About Our Featured Properties

As these are our clients, we have streamlined the process. If you are interested in viewing one of our featured properties, then you only need to fill out the application and submit it to our office via fax or email. Once received and reviewed, someone will call you to set up an appointment to view the property. Only after you are ready to proceed forward with a rental agreement will we collect the application fee.


As always, the application and fee does not imply in any possible way that you will be accepted by the Landlord. That is their decision to make, not ours.

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